How much does an alteration cost?
Melanie’s does offer a standard price list for basic alterations like hemming. For the perfect fit, we recommend a personal assessment. Once we see the garment on you, we can give you a quote.

How long will it take?
Most small alterations take just a day or so. Redesigns and major alterations can take up to a week. We always do our best to accommodate our client’s timelines or urgent needs.

Can you even alter this?
Oh yes. If we can get it under a sewing machine, we can probably alter or resize it. If you love a particular item and hate to part with it, the chances are very good that we can alter it for you. We work with all fabric types including; denim, lace, linen, velvet and silk. Let us update your out of style items so they are on-trend and fashionable again. Our commitment to detail and craftsmanship will ensure your cherished items look great and fit you to a tee.

I bought something on-line and it doesn’t fit right but I love it.
There are lots of great fashions to be had on line. Sadly, they often look better on your computer than they do on you. Bring it to Melanie’s. A simple adjustment may be all you need to keep and enjoy your special find.

Can you make my old garment into something new and more fashionable?
Of course! We can make a Christening gown from a vintage wedding dress, a stunning gown from your grandmother’s old lace dress even a form fitting skirt from a long dress. With your favorite items and our imagination, you can have a new wardrobe in no time.

Do I need to book an appointment?
Melanie’s dressmaking and restyling services are by appointment only. For basic alterations, they may be brought in any time during our regular opening hours.

Can you make me something even if I don’t have a pattern?
Absolutely. Bring us a photo from a magazine, or even a drawing of your vision. Melanie will collaborate with you to bring your garment to life. Melanie’s excellence in design and craftsmanship will ensure

Can you make a copy of a dress I already have?
Yes, we can copy your favorite wardrobe pieces and even enhance the design, the colour, the fabric and the details. What are you waiting for? If you love a particular garment, or the manufacturer no longer makes it, let us reproduce it for you.

Do I need to have a fitting?
We have had clients bring in items for hemming or alterations that they have pinned themselves. We cannot guarantee the fit of any item that we have not personally pinned ourselves. Protect your investment by having a custom fitting. It only takes a few minutes and you will leave with a garment you will actually wear and enjoy.